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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sad FArEweLL

Do you remember the Babyface Caterpillar or Bosom Buddies patterns? The designer was Anne-Marie Brombal.  Jaslyn sent and email to say Annie had passed away earlier in the month.................

Anne-Marie (Annie) Brombal passed away Wednesday January 7th, 2015 at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, at the age of 58 following complications of pneumonia. Her loving family was by her side Anne-Marie was the cherished wife of David for 37 years. Devoted and adored mother of Andrea Effa and husband Marvin, Alex and partner Landon Harris, and Nick and wife Hannah. Her greatest joy came through the love and smiles of her grandchildren,  Anne-Marie was born and grew up in Windsor Ontario, and lived with her family in Ottawa Ontario, Wollongong Australia and finally settled in Plano, Texas. Anne-Marie was a Registered Radiologic Technologist, with specialty certification in CT and Mammography, but her true passion was art (painting, doll-making, stained glass and other crafts).

Very popular patterns and Anne-Marie's designs certainly
brighten the day.
So young.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ARtisT StaTeMENt - ChaRla kHaNNa

'Since the beginning of time, people have made small representations of the human figure and imbued them with meaning.  From the sacred to the profane, little figures have been invested with intent.  Fertility goddess, voodoo doll, a child's simple toy - we are sometimes confounded by the evocative power of what might be simply a small crafted object.
My work is about intention.  Through my figures I seek to speak about the human psyche, states of being, daily routine, the not so common experience - the human experience.  I have no interest in illustrating or animating a body or a facial expression to convey and idea, so that forms and faces of my dolls are purposefully still.  They are the form and the underlying structure over which the garment (in my vocabulary, the 'panel') is laid.  The panel is the focus for working out what the doll means.
So - there is an idea I want to talk about in a piece.  These ideas are often expressed in metaphors and symbols which will be visual.  As well, I want the piece to be beautiful!  My creative task: with the formal, rather iconic form of a figure, how to manifest an often abstract idea in a visually compelling way.'
Charla Khanna.'

If you would like to see more of Charla's figures check out - 

What do you think???

SUbliME tO ThE riDiCUloUS

It can't be three weeks since I've posted!  There is some sort of time warp going on here.
Going thru another 'clear the clutter' stage.   Have special permission from the Goddess of Stash to pass things on - way too much.  It is ridiculous - but must admit - the accumulation has been fun.

 Aren't these little cuties!!!!  What fun for children - or big children!!!
Check out Molly Moo on Facebook

Have been making a study of faces and love these simple
'Stick in the Muds'
Featured in latest 'Prims' - Winter 2015.  $23.00
Jenny wrote 'Yes, I love this one - especially dolls by Hally Levesque Page 11'.
 I've been apologizing about the price increases due to our dollar dropping against the US  dollar but Jenny wrote 'I remember when Art Doll Quarterly was $30.00 an issue - still worth it.' Thanks for your support Jenny.

San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto uses old paintbrushes to create her artwork,
Amazing how the mind creates -  sublime or ridiculous?
Think they would be fun.  Great group project.

Such a well arranged 'STASH'  
How does yours compare?  Send photos!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ARe You IN nEeD oF STasH TherAPy?

A great friend is starting a new life and emptying her studio.  Of course I had to help out and relieve her of several boxes of must have goodies!  Of course one plan for the New Year - last New Year I think - was to cut back on the accumulations.  Every time I have pangs of guilt I remember elinor peace bailey's quote - 

‘There is a purpose in having stimulating materials about you when you are about to begin a new piece.  This is your visual muse.  It creates that critical mass which pushes you over and all you can do is act.  Some of you have collections of natural objects, photos, drawings. Notes to yourself ......what Lisa Lichtenfels calls ‘true facts’ ....or colored objects and materials.  That’s what pushes me over the edge.  Whatever is contained in those heaps and piles they call to you.  They tip the balance of your fear of failure – against your need to create.’                                                                      


Happy New Year from Eclectic Critters - 
Fun little creations.

Monday, January 5, 2015

GOoD tHinGs tO coMe IN 2015

No worries!  It's a new year!!!!!   Happy New Year folks!  Hopefully a joyful, creative new year has headed your way.  I've not made any resolutions - just taking the year as it comes as they never seem to work.  Would like to 'unclutter' a little - but can't part with any of my treasures!

Down the bottom of the blog page it says 'Subscribe to posts'.  I'm wondering if it works - there don't seem to be many people following the blog.  I'd hate to be talking to myself.

Celebrating a great year creating together
Quite a few of our little gang couldn't make it to our Christmas Party - but we did have a great time and as usual did our gift exchange!  Even those not present sent gifts for everyone so we ended up with quite a collection.

My wonderful cloth houses from Penny

Exchange sent to Penny