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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WHat A DiFferEnCE a CoLOUr MaKeS

Patti Culea has been sharing her latest creation and trying different hair color.  It is an interesting study how the look of the doll changes.

The final Choice!

Blondie - didn't win!

Remainder of the contestants!
Great of Patti to share the process!!!!!


Had a fantastic day for our Xmas party - trying to get Xmas sorted and then I'll put up photos and a report.  
Thanks soooooo much to those of you who have bought the gift cards for Nepal - really appreciated and does an incredible amount of good.  Education!!!  The seed to all sorts. 
Have so many photos to put up but am still finishing Christmas presents so thought a quick post was in order.

Don't you love the cuties created by Terese Cato.
Terese's work is featured in the Summer 2014 Art Doll 1/4 page 116

Pincushion Ladies.  Terese teaches these in a class.  Fun, Fun!