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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ALicE in WoNDerLaND

Thank goodness for Suzette Rugolo - one of our Aussie designers who is still producing wonderful patterns.
Suzette has been designing an Alice in Wonderland series.  Her latest is The Dodo 
playing Croquet!
Previously she has released the Caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, the Mad March Hare, Mad Hatter, Alice playing Croquet with a Flamingo and Hedgehog and the Frog Footman. 
Very impressive!
I haven't had a chance to order any of these patterns at the moment - but if you are interested let me know!  Quite a tempting selection!

The Dodo playing Croquet

The Queen of Hearts

The Frog Footman

The Mad Hatter

The Mad March Hare

Alice Playing Croquet

20" Caterpillar

WIsE and WOnderFuL GrANDmoTHeRS

If you are on Facebook you may like to look up the 'International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers'.  Hadn't heard of the group until yesterday but to get such wise and wonderful women from all over the world together is quite an achievement. Wouldn't it be wonderful to attend one of their conferences.  
The next conference is in July - Gabon, Africa.

Combined Wisdom 

Fascinating faces!  Such stories to tell.

WhaT a WoRLd

What a mixed up world we live in!  So many amazing things around us - and so much turmoil.  Poor Nepal - I think everyone's heart is aching.  So much devastation!  I know Australians are generous at donating so that is all we can do at the moment. 

Another sad farewell in the doll community - one of our Adelaide doll members - Yvonne Wooden - passed away suddenly this month.  Yvonne was always a live wire at meetings - she loved making dolls and she loved what she made!  Always so generous - we will miss her.  Life is never long enough when we have big plans - and big stashes to use up.

A Rose for Yvonne

You would not be impressed if you could see the shop at the moment - one large table is covered with BEADS.  It looks a big mess - but boy - it's been fun!  I've been making some jewelry up for classes at a Rural Woman's Retreat in June in Marree.  Really looking forward to it - will be a fabulous experience.  Marree!!!  Wow.  I probably could reform and become a tidier worker tho.     Too late she cried!!!!

Dear Penny is recovering after a shoulder op - so her creating has been severely curtailed for the moment.  Penny has a great blog - 'Back Valley Seasons' - and she produces amazing things!  Before the op Penny went to Fibre arts at Ballarat and did a class with Samantha Bryant.  Penny produced an amazing fairy - 'Martha of'.
Great fun!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sad Farewell

Many in the doll world saddened by the passing of Peggy Wilson, March 28th.  Posted on Marilyn Halcombe's site - '
Without this lovely lady none of these dolls would exist. The world of doll creating has lost a great talent and we have all lost a wonderful friend. So sorry to see you go you will be greatly missed.'
I never met Peggy but heard lots of wonderful stories of her classes and friendship here in Australia.

TReasURes oF thE GYpsY ChaLLenGE


Pamela Armas has released details of the 2016 Gypsy Challenge.  The theme is 'Witches, Angel and Demons'.  The kits are $20US and include fabric and trims that you add to your own stash to create your doll.  When sending for the kit you need to specify if you want to make a witch, angel or demon.
I think you would have to email the Gypsy at <> with regards to extra post for Australia.  
The dolls are due by mid Sept - no height limitations.  All rules come with the kit - dolls are seen by thousands of people who come to the Houston International Quilt Market and Festival.
Postage to have your doll returned would probably be ridiculous - you could always donate the doll to Pamela for her to find a good home - if you can bear the parting!  The address is PO Box 748, Mountainair, N.M. USA  87036.  Alternatively you could do the Challenge for fun and send us a photo!

This is my most favorite doll in the whole wide world!  It was winner of the Gypsy Challenge in 2007  or 2009 - created by Bonnie Radzminsky.
Just amazing the work Bonnie put into this art piece!