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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ThE AmAzing KC!!!!!

Just amazed at the work Kaye creates - her quilt is well on the way and ALL HAND STITCHED!   It is going to be a precious piece of art.  Kaye has also got the Mambray women stitching jelly roll quilts - wow.  We are hooked!!!  What a great way to make a quilt in a hurry.  Will put mine up when it's machine quilted.  
Please send some photos of your creations!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

NEw PuBLIicatiON

The Coloring Studio — Available December 1st

Ooow - look what is coming!  The bug has certainly hit - even have my 96 year old Mother in Law enjoying the passion.  Sadly I can't guarantee a price - and the dollar isn't doing happy things for us at present.  If the dollar stays at is now the book will be around $26.  You know I keep prices to a minimum.  Anyway - let's know if you are interested.  I'm going to order more sets of Berol prismacolors too - so if you are interested let's know as well - really good discounts on these.

The Coloring Studio is not your kid’s coloring book. With an imaginative collection of sophisticated, edgy illustrations in the Somerset-esque style you've come to love, this special book puts an artistic spin on today’s hottest trend. Featuring 60 unmatched illustrations from the industry’s top artists, including Christine Mason Miller, Suzi Blu, Lindsay Ostrom, Linda Trenholm, Deb Dunn, and more, this coloring book includes bonus content and ideas that you won’t find in similar publications.
Inside the Premiere Issue:
  • Art journalers Susie LaFond and Mou Saha show how you can transform your coloring pages into art
  • A special section on Zendoodle with basic patterns for you to fill in
  • How to incorporate watercolor pencils and other unique coloring tools
  • Distinctive palettes to work with
  • A primer on basic color theory 
Whether you love contemporary art, want to get your creative juices flowing, or simply need some “me time,” The Coloring Studio won’t restrict you to a single theme, but offers a wide variety of designs just awaiting your own personal style.