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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WHat A DiFferEnCE a CoLOUr MaKeS

Patti Culea has been sharing her latest creation and trying different hair color.  It is an interesting study how the look of the doll changes.

The final Choice!

Blondie - didn't win!

Remainder of the contestants!
Great of Patti to share the process!!!!!


Had a fantastic day for our Xmas party - trying to get Xmas sorted and then I'll put up photos and a report.  
Thanks soooooo much to those of you who have bought the gift cards for Nepal - really appreciated and does an incredible amount of good.  Education!!!  The seed to all sorts. 
Have so many photos to put up but am still finishing Christmas presents so thought a quick post was in order.

Don't you love the cuties created by Terese Cato.
Terese's work is featured in the Summer 2014 Art Doll 1/4 page 116

Pincushion Ladies.  Terese teaches these in a class.  Fun, Fun!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do wE NeeD ANyMorE STUFF????

If you are having trouble finding the right gift for the person who has everything then we have the answer for you!  

Just reminding you again about the gift cards for Nepal.

 After our visit there a couple of years ago Rangi wanted to help out so we linked up with a fantastic organization in Nepal that helps disadvantaged communities.  It's run by a guy named Bhupi and he is just a tireless worker with endless energy coming up with new ideas and programs to help disadvantaged communities become self sufficient.

  If you give a $10.00 gift card that provides one school bag and books for a child in one of the many communities outside of Kathmandu.  

Email if you are interested and we can post out the cards to you or the recipient - postage doesn't come out of your donation.  100% goes direct to buy bags and books.

Pay Pal or credit card.

Thanks folks and thanks again to those of you who gave the gift cards to friends and family last Christmas.  It is a gift that really counts!  A few very kind souls gave these cards to all the family - who really enjoyed the concept.

If you are interested in having a look at Rangi's trip photos - if you haven't seen them before - the blog is
There is a picture of a school room on the first page.
Hope to have my Japan trip photos up there soonish - after Chrissy presents all completed!  Aaagh.   THANK YOU!!!!


A couple of Lisa Litchenfels three-dimensional figures have been popping up on the net - couldn't help but share them with you.  They are so realistic it's hard to comprehend that they aren't human.  Lisa was introduced to Judy Japell's nylon stocking technique when she was at college and she developed the technique while working with Disney.  Lisa has continued using nylon to create her amazing life like creations.

Have to love this gal!  'Pauline'

I've been making Christmas presents for our annual get together next week.  Better get back to it as not halfway yet!  I'll share pictures with you after the event.

Monday, November 24, 2014

WaiT - THerE's MOrE

Could keep adding more and more!
A couple I can't resist.
Such a versatile artist.

Christine writes - 'An ancient connection to doll making and storytelling is ever present in my work. Experimenting with new techniques in drawing, painting, bead work, embroidery, problem solving structural and aesthetic problems, and educating myself on historical and cultural heritages, contributes to the continual growth and change in my figures'.

CHriStinE ShiVelLY StiLL CReaTinG WoNDroUs CHarACterS

Christine's booth at a Show earlier in the Year.
Wouldn't it be nice to get among the goodies!!!!

Oh to create such amazing pieces!!!!!


Well folks back home safe and sound.  Missed you all of course!!!!  Was good to get home, go thru the mail and catch up on the news.  Russ sent out the magazines so hope you received OK and had a relaxing time reading and being inspired!  Then wishing you had more time to create!

Helen happened to wander into a shop earlier in the month and ended up in a workshop with Merle Tait.  Merle certainly has an unusual perspective on how we can be more free with our creating but Helen said by the end of the workshop she really started to loosen up and create with a lot more freedom.  You may like to look at Merle's site - 

Many of you may follow the work of artist Kat O'Sullivan who creates fun upcycled sweaters and clothing.  She has an obsession with color which becomes very obvious when you see what she has done to her cottage that was built in the 1840's.  Check it out if you are interested at   
This will lead you to her Etsy store as well if you would like to see the work she produces.  Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!

You should have recd your Art Doll 1/4ly Winter 2015.  More magazines now on the way!

I didn't get to see it myself but someone was telling me about a village on Shikoku - the island I visited. When residents depart they are replaced by a life size doll!  Found it on the net .........

Susie McMahon would be pleased with the article featuring her work in the latest 
Dolls, Bears and Collectibles.

Fascinated by faces!  This is a collage by an English artist Tom Deininger - he creates large-scale collages from found objects scavenged from landfills, yard sales and donated by friends and acquaintances.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Heading off on the weekend for a month - lucky gal eh.
I may be able to post here while away but if not the time will fly and be back soon.
If you have any news for the blog please email it thru and we can share -
good to be able to keep up with what is going on.
Russ will be posting out the next lot of magazines when they arrive - have addressed the envelopes, written dockets etc - but he's nervous!!!!
Am sure he'll be fine.  Cheers folks.

Isn't this superb!!!!  Sherry Goshon created this masterpiece recently for a planned retreat in Texas.

This took my fancy - and I wrote down the artist - but the magic untidy fairy has hidden my notes!
I'll post the artist etc when the notes turn up.  Tut tut.

Dear elinor has been at play again!  Her latest creations - Moth and Amethyst



Sunday, October 5, 2014

POsTal TReAts

Sadly this doesn't show up really well but had to show you the fabulous surprise that came in the mail last week - the fabric is Japanese - pure linen - and beautiful to the touch.
There is a little hanging owl in the front and some amazing Japanese buttons that seem to be fabric somehow covered in plastic.
A Panda card with a 3-D bookmark(!!!!) and a photo of a gypsy van, alluding to our new mobile acquisition. 
Thanks so much to you know who!!!!  Spoiled.

MorE is MoRe and LEsS iS a BoRE

Thought at first these women were off to a Doll Conference - but see they were in New York at Senior Planet.  
Aren't they fabulous!!!!
'The Senior Planet Exploration Center, the country’s first technology-themed center for New Yorkers 60 and up, opened in January 2013 in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The center hosts classes, workshops, programs, lectures and special events, offering older New Yorkers a comfortable space to learn, work and explore new ways to thrive in today’s digital world.'

Friday, October 3, 2014

UgLY, UgLy says JeNnY

Jenny always writes a little note with her book payments - very much appreciated!  Jenny commented that the dolls in latest Art Doll 1/4 (Vol 12 #3) are fascinating - but she added 'Can't see the attraction in Skeleton Dolls my self.'


Susie McMahon's latest creation - Erin.



Oooow - love this!
Creation by Leandra Holder from the UK - she says 'some describe my work as wierd'
Rings a bell eh!
If you check out Leandra's blogspot you will see the amazing urn she created for her Mum's ashes.  


The Art Gallery of South Australia has announced its major international exhibition for spring 2014 - summer 2015 Fashion Icons: Masterpieces from the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris - covering the years between 1940's and 1950's.  The exhibition will feature over 90 haute couture garments from the world's leading fashion designers.
Fashion Icons has been organised by Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in association with Art Exhibitions Australia and the Art Gallery of South Australia.
The exhibition will also be part of this year's Adelaide Fashion Festival. 
25thOct. 2014 - 1st Feb 2015.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

STunNiNg QUilT

Can you imagine completing such a project!  How beautiful - and the work!
If you are on Facebook the Hoop Sisters have this as their
2015 Embroidery of the month - Sewn Seeds.
Go on - I dare you!!!!  Ha.

LYnnE ShOWs hOW it'S DOnE

Lynne Butcher still has her hand in and producing wonderful characters.
Lynne made this character doll for her brother's 60th birthday.
What do you think?  Amazing likeness.

ChecK OuT FOlt bOLt

Remember Elizabeth Armstrong from the good old days?
Fabulous to see her doing so well in the felting world.
Vibrant colors,lovely faces,funny monsters,home decor, clothing and more by the Australian felt and mixed media artist, Elizabeth Armstrong - Elizabeth Armstrong
Read more about her on Folt Bolt's blog:!Elizabeth-Armstrong/cy7d/85180AE7-7754-409C-9914-ECED902153EC

Sunday, September 28, 2014

JiLL aT pLAy

While hubby is renovating the bathroom Jill has created Bobby Bird rescuer.  Magic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CLaRicE iS oN heR wAY

Hi Everyone, this is Clarice, hot off the press from the indomitable Jill Maas.  Adorable with her pointed elfin ears, turned up boots and gorgeous wings.  
Included in the pattern are many diagrams with detailed instructions. 

'Clarice is a forest dweller, her job is to care for the trees, vines and bushes that tangle and live together to form the thick forest. She loves playing amongst the huge roots hiding down dark holes then climbing into the canopy and swinging on the vines, with the bright sunlight peeping and dancing through the leaves. But her most favorite  time is when the rain pours down amongst the trees to the forest floor, causing wonderful slippery mud, water falls and filling the streams into gushing rivers, it's like skiing and rafting at the same time.
Clarice is fun of energy, hardly ever sits still and can never be found except at meal times

Patterns should arrive at The Kingdom of Stuff any day - $15.00 inc post. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On IT's wAY - AGaiN


A reminder that Christmas is on it's way - aren't these tempting.  Check out Julia Eves work on Etsy

WhiLsT We aRe ViSiTiNg KiNGdOmS

Sherry Goshon showed off her studio on Facebook - very impressive!  Good size for creating and storing lots of good STUFF.
(click to enlarge)

Friday, September 12, 2014


Sorry to have missed the Dorrit Black exhibition recently held at the Adelaide Art Gallery.  Fancy being single, owning a car and travelling South Australia in the early 1900's.  Dorrit didn't follow what was expected of women then - and her work wasn't generally accepted until after her death.  Dorrit traveled the Flinders Ranges - painted the Port Germein Gorge, Port Lincoln etc - a pioneer of modernist art and a unique pioneer of women's independence.  View more of her work at

Monday, September 8, 2014

HoW's yOur MOjO?

Just ordered some copies of Paint Mojo - Mixed Media Workshop by Tracy Verdugo.  Looks terrific.  
See that Tracy has a workshop in Adelaide in October - 'Paint Mojo' Oct 18th and 19th.  If it appeals to your sense of fun and art check out her blog

Sunday, August 31, 2014

SoMErseT ApPRenTicE

 Had time to peruse the latest Somerset Apprentice - it's a very interesting magazine!  Step by step instructions teach the fundamentals of creating Somerset-style art—one basic step at a time. Artists share their favorite tips and techniques, including layered collage, mixed media, and assemblage art, which are presented through detailed, close-up photographs and clear, concise instructions. Just what I need.  
Have been trying to set myself up to do more journalling - takes a bit of courage to get going so like this idea.  Magazine is $19.50 on current exchange rate.

PeeK  InSidE