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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do wE NeeD ANyMorE STUFF????

If you are having trouble finding the right gift for the person who has everything then we have the answer for you!  

Just reminding you again about the gift cards for Nepal.

 After our visit there a couple of years ago Rangi wanted to help out so we linked up with a fantastic organization in Nepal that helps disadvantaged communities.  It's run by a guy named Bhupi and he is just a tireless worker with endless energy coming up with new ideas and programs to help disadvantaged communities become self sufficient.

  If you give a $10.00 gift card that provides one school bag and books for a child in one of the many communities outside of Kathmandu.  

Email if you are interested and we can post out the cards to you or the recipient - postage doesn't come out of your donation.  100% goes direct to buy bags and books.

Pay Pal or credit card.

Thanks folks and thanks again to those of you who gave the gift cards to friends and family last Christmas.  It is a gift that really counts!  A few very kind souls gave these cards to all the family - who really enjoyed the concept.

If you are interested in having a look at Rangi's trip photos - if you haven't seen them before - the blog is
There is a picture of a school room on the first page.
Hope to have my Japan trip photos up there soonish - after Chrissy presents all completed!  Aaagh.   THANK YOU!!!!

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