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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WhaT a WoRLd

What a mixed up world we live in!  So many amazing things around us - and so much turmoil.  Poor Nepal - I think everyone's heart is aching.  So much devastation!  I know Australians are generous at donating so that is all we can do at the moment. 

Another sad farewell in the doll community - one of our Adelaide doll members - Yvonne Wooden - passed away suddenly this month.  Yvonne was always a live wire at meetings - she loved making dolls and she loved what she made!  Always so generous - we will miss her.  Life is never long enough when we have big plans - and big stashes to use up.

A Rose for Yvonne

You would not be impressed if you could see the shop at the moment - one large table is covered with BEADS.  It looks a big mess - but boy - it's been fun!  I've been making some jewelry up for classes at a Rural Woman's Retreat in June in Marree.  Really looking forward to it - will be a fabulous experience.  Marree!!!  Wow.  I probably could reform and become a tidier worker tho.     Too late she cried!!!!

Dear Penny is recovering after a shoulder op - so her creating has been severely curtailed for the moment.  Penny has a great blog - 'Back Valley Seasons' - and she produces amazing things!  Before the op Penny went to Fibre arts at Ballarat and did a class with Samantha Bryant.  Penny produced an amazing fairy - 'Martha of'.
Great fun!


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