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Sunday, August 31, 2014

SoMErseT ApPRenTicE

 Had time to peruse the latest Somerset Apprentice - it's a very interesting magazine!  Step by step instructions teach the fundamentals of creating Somerset-style art—one basic step at a time. Artists share their favorite tips and techniques, including layered collage, mixed media, and assemblage art, which are presented through detailed, close-up photographs and clear, concise instructions. Just what I need.  
Have been trying to set myself up to do more journalling - takes a bit of courage to get going so like this idea.  Magazine is $19.50 on current exchange rate.

PeeK  InSidE


  1. Looks interesting, should I have one?? I am sure I should. Penny

  2. Hi Joy

    looks great, I'd like one too please. hugs Ann Maullin