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Thursday, March 12, 2015

OuR LOve AfFaiR WiTh BuTToNs

Often seem to be scrounging for a button to finish a little project.  Have 'acquired' quite a collection of buttons - and a couple of button tins from relatives.  I think most of us have the joyful memory of being able to look through our grandmother's button tin. There were always some obscure odds and ends included - empty cotton reels, lots of old belt buckles, saved to be put to good use 'one day', bits of string, ribbon, a nail file, a penny or two, maybe a badge.


Mitzi Curi makes brooches from old buttons
There are many examples of great button jewelry on the net

Buttons hold a magic of their own - some old and worn, glittery and delicate, pressed metal, bakelite, big showy buttons for an overcoat and tiny little white buttons for women's hand made underclothing.  Each tin holds a story.

Aunty Ivy's button tin.
Great delight held here!

My Nan's sewing tin. Great for a scrounge!!!
Feel close to Nan and her memories when I go thru this tin - and her old button box.

This link has some great button history - well worth some time.....

Would love you to email some pictures of your Grandmother's button tins to share.

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