Thursday, March 12, 2015


Figured it would be a couple of weeks since I posted - and shiver me timbers - it's over a month!  What is going on here.
Another birthday just shot on by - some lovely cards and goodies - thanks everyone!  Russ was 66 on the 11th.  Camped in our little Mitsubishi truck 'home away from home' up at the National Park.  Beautiful!  It really has been such a mild summer - so fortunate to have cool, enjoyable evenings.  
Have been asked to teach in Marree in June - at an Arid Lands Woman's Retreat.  Pretty exciting - so I've send in some ideas for perusal.  Should have some great pictures to share after that event.
It seems such a pity that everything seems to be a rush nowadays.  Often when I read a book I'm feeling so guilty that I tear thru the chapters - certainly not getting full benefit from the story telling.  I just picked up a book 'In the Shadows of the Banyan' that I saw recommended by Marcia Acker Missal on Facebook - and of course had to have!  Came in a few days, thanks to the internet and my addiction.  Read a couple of pages and thought that it needs to be savored - not rushed, so smacked my hand and put the book away for another day.
It's like our art - 'Doll in a Day' etc etc.  We love to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day - but are we missing out on the simple enjoyment of playing.  Sometimes it's good to remember to just slow down - enjoy the process of creating - and often the results are more rewarding.
I seem to have become a 'collector of ideas'.  Never seems to be time to actually put the ideas into fruition - so have to be conscious of making changes.
Hope you are enjoying your latest Art Doll 1/4 etc.  I'll do a bit of a write up on the magazines over the next couple of days.  
Have put an email list together to let you know when I've posted on the Blog - the join up google thingo seems too difficult - so hopefully that helps - and let me know if I should add someone in, as am sure I don't have everyone's email address.

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