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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ARtisT StaTeMENt - ChaRla kHaNNa

'Since the beginning of time, people have made small representations of the human figure and imbued them with meaning.  From the sacred to the profane, little figures have been invested with intent.  Fertility goddess, voodoo doll, a child's simple toy - we are sometimes confounded by the evocative power of what might be simply a small crafted object.
My work is about intention.  Through my figures I seek to speak about the human psyche, states of being, daily routine, the not so common experience - the human experience.  I have no interest in illustrating or animating a body or a facial expression to convey and idea, so that forms and faces of my dolls are purposefully still.  They are the form and the underlying structure over which the garment (in my vocabulary, the 'panel') is laid.  The panel is the focus for working out what the doll means.
So - there is an idea I want to talk about in a piece.  These ideas are often expressed in metaphors and symbols which will be visual.  As well, I want the piece to be beautiful!  My creative task: with the formal, rather iconic form of a figure, how to manifest an often abstract idea in a visually compelling way.'
Charla Khanna.'

If you would like to see more of Charla's figures check out - 

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