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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SUbliME tO ThE riDiCUloUS

It can't be three weeks since I've posted!  There is some sort of time warp going on here.
Going thru another 'clear the clutter' stage.   Have special permission from the Goddess of Stash to pass things on - way too much.  It is ridiculous - but must admit - the accumulation has been fun.

 Aren't these little cuties!!!!  What fun for children - or big children!!!
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Have been making a study of faces and love these simple
'Stick in the Muds'
Featured in latest 'Prims' - Winter 2015.  $23.00
Jenny wrote 'Yes, I love this one - especially dolls by Hally Levesque Page 11'.
 I've been apologizing about the price increases due to our dollar dropping against the US  dollar but Jenny wrote 'I remember when Art Doll Quarterly was $30.00 an issue - still worth it.' Thanks for your support Jenny.

San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto uses old paintbrushes to create her artwork,
Amazing how the mind creates -  sublime or ridiculous?
Think they would be fun.  Great group project.

Such a well arranged 'STASH'  
How does yours compare?  Send photos!!!!

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