Monday, January 5, 2015

GOoD tHinGs tO coMe IN 2015

No worries!  It's a new year!!!!!   Happy New Year folks!  Hopefully a joyful, creative new year has headed your way.  I've not made any resolutions - just taking the year as it comes as they never seem to work.  Would like to 'unclutter' a little - but can't part with any of my treasures!

Down the bottom of the blog page it says 'Subscribe to posts'.  I'm wondering if it works - there don't seem to be many people following the blog.  I'd hate to be talking to myself.

Celebrating a great year creating together
Quite a few of our little gang couldn't make it to our Christmas Party - but we did have a great time and as usual did our gift exchange!  Even those not present sent gifts for everyone so we ended up with quite a collection.

My wonderful cloth houses from Penny

Exchange sent to Penny

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  1. Happy New Year to ya Joyous even if its a bit late -- u know wot they say better late then never!! I also left a little note on ratbags' post as well. So see tou arent talking ro yourself at all Isea here somewhere!!!!
    Loves ya belinda bear xoxoxoxo