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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Do I DeSERvE a HoliDAy?

The answer is probably not - but Russ has some leave so taking a break.  Wanted to get heaps on the blog - but time is running out - so might do some along the way.
Want to apologize to those who recd all the return email info etc after I sent the first lot of mail outs regarding the blog update.  Didn't have the Blind Copies sorted for the first lot - so hopefully the rest were OK.  The blind leading the blind sometimes.

Jill Maas's latest pattern - 'Abbey and her little finch Betty in the basket with Petunia Parrot who nests on Abbeys head'. Isn't she terrific!!!  (Abbey and Jill of course)

Jill's 'Bordering on Steam Punk'  Want to go play at Jill's house!

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