Wednesday, July 22, 2015

RaNGi's HAiR CuTtinG

In among all the fun and games that goes on here we had a 'Rite of Passage' celebration for Rangi - (grandson).  He turned twelve and in the Cook Islands the tradition is that the boy's hair isn't cut until around that age - so Ine put down an 'umu' - the underground oven cooking - and lots of rellies traveled to Mambray to celebrate.  Rangi met his 'real' Maori grandmother - who he hadn't met before, so it was a very special time.
I know this isn't doll related - but it is something different - and it was a beautiful day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves - and the Maori food!  
'The Rite Journey' is just one of many web sites that are opening up to encourage more 'Rite of Passage' celebrations, if you are at all interested.  It is an old tradition that has been lost and it's importance is being recognized.

Rangi having his hair plaited before the ceremony.  The family cuts a plait first - and then others are invited to come and participate.  He looks such a different boy now!
I think he did very well to have long plaited hair for twelve years - it's hard to be different among your peers.

The tables laid out with some of the food!  There was chicken, pork, veges etc cooked on the hot rocks - then Alice and family made dishes like 'banana poke' etc as accompaniment. 
Everyone was great about being game enough to try different food.
Farm looks beautiful - it was perfect weather!

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