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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Off on holidays in a few days time and realize I've been so taken up with the foibles of life that the poor blog is feeling sad and neglected.  Had a wonderful visit from Penny and Jaslyn - and we had our little 'Xmas in July' celebration here in the shop.  A really enjoyable group of women and we had lots to share in 'Show and Tell' - Jackie made it this time and the quilts she brought along - unbelievable!  Kaye always impresses with her wonderful quilts and dolls to show - it's magic!

Our little group for 'Xmas in July' - in the shop.  We missed quite a few of the gang who sadly couldn't make it.

MAREE trip was magic - as you can imagine!  What an amazing little place with so many interesting people and interesting stories.  I ran some silk dyeing and beading classes which were fun and produced some great items.  Very short time slots so we didn't tackle any dolls!

Hard 'at play' at Marree Arid Lands Woman's Conference

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